Wednesday, November 7, 2007

this strikes me as a particularly bad way to die

Some guy was crushed by a pile of peanuts. It happened at a peanut company, but it's still weird.

Now, the article doesn't reveal all that much, but I'm guessing that it would take quite a number of peanuts to kill a man. Apparently the guy's coworkers looked for two hours before finding him.

I want to see the interior of that peanut company.



Emory said...

Wonder if he was crunchy or smooth when they found him.

I hope I die like my grandfather; in my sleep. Not like the people screaming their asses off, that where in the car with him!

complain away said...

Did you by chance write the screenplay to Little Miss Sunshine?

Emory said...

No! the internet trolls are always stealing my stuff.

That whole 'You've got Mail' movie was nothing more than a troll pinching stuff out of my commie.

Shoppe around the Corner .. pffttt.