Sunday, November 4, 2007

finally, i can trust my clocks again

I’ve come to the realization that every stationary timepiece in my life is smart but not smart enough. All knew to jump back one hour at the end of Daylight Savings Time, but they didn’t get the memo that DST was extended by one week this year. Last Sunday I woke up a bit freaked out at the early hour until I realized what was going on.

It just didn’t seem worth the effort to change all of them manually for only seven days and then change them back again, so I just left them to tell time incorrectly. I know some people set their watch fast on purpose so they’ll "fool" themselves and get to their next meeting or maybe the wedding (or divorce) on time. Who are those people? Doesn’t it just make them mad when they realize they’ve been had yet again? At several points over the past week my clocks were ticking on thin ice. Luckily, all the crap I ate last week dulled my senses and none of them got it.

I did hear that one day last week a vase flew out of a window of my condo building and hit a passerby in the head. I wouldn’t be surprised if that vase had a built-in clock that was smart, but not smart enough.



SunnyShine note: As much as I love the fall back hour, there is much to be annoyed about. First, there were 43 people in yoga this morning. 43!! Usually, there are no more than 15 or 20. I always wake up early but most people don't, so I don't expect to see that many people in the morning. Apparently, the extra hour meant people could suddenly make it to morning yoga instead of afternoon yoga. I don't like it.

The other annoying thing is that no one informed the dogs that the time had changed. There was practically an uprising when they got fed this morning at 6:3o, which was really 7:30 as far as they were concerned, and way too late for breakfast apparently. Same thing happened this evening. At 5:00, there was much pacing and squeaking because dinner was not being prepared and served. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

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