Sunday, November 4, 2007

my sister is crazy (do you sense a theme?)

The only time I hear from my sister is when she wants something. Usually, the request is to look something up on google because she is in the car or away from her computer or too lazy to do it herself.

Last week, she called to tell me that I needed to come to her house as soon as possible so I could fix her vcr. VCR? Do people still use those? Apparently, they do. To give you some context, my sister lives about 40 minutes from me and I was not in any hurry to drive there to fix some mysterious problem with her vcr. She said the tv was fuzzy when the vcr was on, so I concluded she hadn't hooked it up properly.

I asked her to pull it out and look to see how it was hooked up. 'The guy did it so it must be right'. Sure. She then continued to argue with me that it couldn't possibly be hooked up incorrectly because the 'cable guy' had hooked it up. She also didn't want to pull it out because that would have required some effort on her part. It's much easier to have me drive for 40 minutes to check. I told her that 1) I wasn't about to drive there 2) if she didn't want to pull out the vcr, she could find someone else to help her or continue to live with a non-functional vcr.

She wisely decided to pull the vcr out and told me that it was hooked up correctly (not that she would know this in the first place.) I asked her to tell me where the cable wire was going in. She said it was in the 'out'. Shocking. I told her to move it to the 'in' and then she complained that she now had to move more things to be able to do that. I reminded her again of her options. She again repeated that the 'guy' did it so it should be correct but decided to humour me and move the wire. Miracle of all miracles, it started to work. She was amazed. I heard several times again how the 'guy' hooked it up but I'm not sure I heard a thank you.



a former spell-a-thon-er said...

I wasn't sure if I should put periods between the letters of vcr, how/if to use the apostrophy to pluralize it,(part of me says no because, you know, it's plural and the other part says yes! do it!) and now I'm all sorts of confused and have to get to class! (with poor punctuation, or is it grammar, skills weighing heavily on my heart.)

complain away said...

I suppose it should have periods between but I was far too lazy to do that. VCRs will be obsolete shortly so I don't feel badly.


123 spelling's for me said...

I wasn't even aware they still made them. Kudos to your sister for finding one. Next time she calls you I bet it is to figure out this new fangled contraption called, an 8 track.

Emory said...

I have two sisters; the elder Gillian, and the younger Margaux- or whatever she is calling herself nowadays.

Neither is crazy, but both can be #$%^ing nuts.

One had a 'life' moment, and as a result suffered a debilitating Jesus infection. She ends up in Kiev, doing missionary work with the children of Chernobyl(sp) every other year. She has a bug/bacteria phobia, and circus clowns disturb her - go figure. She took an inbecile as a husband. He suffers from an Oedipus complex, and chases abulances for a living. They are both cretinous when it comes to 'technology' and consider all the 'interwebs' as evil. Their spawn - God help them - are not allowed to do anything! They all live in a world filled with fear, forgiveness and Armegedon. They are Republicans - go figure.

The other maintains an impressive English style herb garden that is generally full of butterflies. She speaks to animals, and listens to Carly Simon / Helen Reddy Cds. She would vomit in the car during family trips, none of us wanted to sit next her, she always had a window seat. She had the naughty habit of crapping behind the couch as a child, and had a teenage crush on David Cassidy - I am not sure those facts are associated.
She married a physcian, who also has a bug/bacteria phobia -legitimate me thinks. So keeping soap in the house when either couple visit is a nightmare! They both are extreme 'techies' although they belong more to the 'trail mix' marketing demographic.

Sunny, your sister sounds like she is afflicated with case of 'wine' grown in the malaise region of life. But not to worry, we all have a few things that drive us crazy about our family. Thought I would include a few of mine.