Saturday, November 17, 2007

new meaning for atm

As Rainy posted earlier this week, I was away on business for two days. I was staying in a great boutique hotel in the old part of the city and, at one point, decided to flip through the binder of amenities. Here is what I read:

Don't know if you can see it properly or not, but it says Automated Taylor Machine (ATM). lmao Obviously, the French-speaking person who wrote the English, sounded it out. Sounds like....taylor. I broke up laughing when I read this but I have to admit that I find it kinda charming. Perhaps this is some new kind of technology I don't know about. Perhaps it dispenses something other than money. The jury is out.

In the bathroom of my room, they had a variety of very helpful things. There was a sewing kit, various creams, an intimacy kit (which remained in tact, unfortunately) and the oddest thing ever, Personal Oxygen!!!??? Now, I have no idea why someone would need personal oxygen but again, there is plenty I don't know about. I put it on the bedside table in case the air got sucked out of the room in the middle of the night. You can never be too careful.

personal oxygen


RainyBow note: I've read this post several times and I'm still laughing (thanks).
Oh, how I love English that's sounded out. I recently took this shot of another hotel's list of rules (sorry for the bad quality, my cameraphone does the best it can). Check out the part in red.

strickly prohibitedI was distressed to discover that prostitutes were "strickly" prohibited.

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