Monday, November 12, 2007

i'm convinced no one can write any more

Im convinced noone can right anymore.

This is what I read in a flyer this weekend:

  • Drying time equals wash time added convenience
  • The steam team pair's 6-point suspension system offers performance and reassurance that your laundry can be installed anywhere!
  • PLUS! GIFT WITH PURCHASE! Get a deluxe bed frame FREE! with the purchase of any mattress set!
No, I don't understand what the first two mean, but I feel relieved that the exclamation point is alive and well.


1 comment:

Emory said...

#1 refers to Frenchmen taking showers.
#2 Refers to hanging your knickers out to dry during Hurricane conditions.

.. and Horraaaay !!!!!!!!!!!!! the exclamation point still grows in a Petrie dish !!!!!!!!!