Monday, November 19, 2007

again with the global warming

Around these parts, we have full colour on our trees in October and, for the most part, all leaves have been raked and picked up by the beginning of November. I would just like to point out that the massive 70 year old maple tree in my back yard had not dropped one leaf until Saturday. Also, the leaves were completely green until the end of last week. In two days, all of the leaves turned yellow and then fell. It was raining yellow leaves in my yard all Sunday. Believe in global warming yet?

This gives me only 2 weekends two rake and bag all of the leaves before the city stops picking them up. Now, this may not seem like a difficult task, but my back yard is like a landing strip and the tree is gigantic. I usually take a few weekends and do it in stages. I don't like being under the gun for these tasks. Rainy has some sketchy mould allergy so she can't help. How convenient.



Emory said...

Every job has a tool, every tool has a job. I suggest you use a pair of right handed, two armed day laborers.

complain away said...

Why do they need to be right handed? I'm offended.

Lefty (aka Sunny)

Kathy said...

I forget where you live, but the same is happening here. It's November 20th, and today (and every day this month) has been 70 degrees or close to it. It's supposed to get cold tonight, finally, and then maybe it will feel like November. We still have trees full of leaves. Turned, but still hanging on.

I believe.

Emory said...

Ask any accutary Sunny, leftys are more prone to simple disasters.

You may be more intelligent, have a higher sense of art, culture, and have the ability to speak more languages; you may even be able to read music at birth. But, you are more apt to become a hood ornament than us troglodite righties.

Please don't be offended, but you do live in our world dahling. I mean even the best left handed designers, design according to our rules. Don't believe me, then go your closet, and look at your zippers.

*--> Slide rule fact; Striped ties designed by Americans, have their stripes moving top to the left, European (British) designs are top to the right, or 'away from the heart'*