Tuesday, November 13, 2007

i wish i were poor so i could do these fun things

A friend got me watching Guinness’ new tv commercial, its most expensive yet. It reminds me a lot of the Honda Cog tv from a few years back.

In case you’re too lazy to watch it (it is like a minute 30 seconds, after all), an entire village of people who don’t look like they have much money spend a whole lotta time on a beer shenanigan.

I’ve sat on this for a few days and it still feels a bit offensive to me. Perhaps I’m being a tad too sensitive, or maybe Guinness just sucks.



SunnyShine note: Yes, it does feel a bit offensive. Maybe (I'm really hoping here) the beer company provided clean water or electricity or food or some other basic necessity or aid that will help change their lives in a positive way.


Complaint Department Manager said...

When I was more of a drinker, I loved Guiness. Very expensive stuff, but worth it. A real man's beer.

complain away said...

Yes, it's like a meal. And I'll bet nobody in this commercial could ever afford to buy one. Maybe they got a couple free on set....

Emory said...

Offensive? No I don't think so. Looks like they haven't had this much fun since the Aliens dropped in, and did the connect the boulders thing in the Atacama.