Wednesday, November 14, 2007

left boot apb

I love shoes. I'm female so this should come as no surprise. I generally loathe shopping (ok, I'm only mostly female) but I make an exception for shoe shopping. Recently, I had a very frustrating experience while I was looking for some boots. (The only reason I have to buy boots is because Jethro The Dog ate two pairs of them during his shoe-eating spree a few months ago. I'm still bitter.)

I found a pair of boots I liked but couldn't find them in my size. I have large feet so this isn't so unusual. It still makes me mad because the shoe buyers never order enough of the larger sizes even though there are more and more people with large sized feet these days. I asked the salesperson to check the other stores to see if there were any in the city in my size. This took approx 15 minutes. Between the socializing with the person on the other end of the phone and the seemingly monumental task of walking down the row to check for the boots, I nearly lost my mind. Needless to say, no luck.

I then moved to a different store and found another pair I liked. They even had my size. Yippee. I opened the box and found only the right boot. I tried it on and loved it, so I peered around to see if the left boot was on display somewhere. Nope. I then looked around for a salesperson. I found someone and asked if she could help me find the left boot; she didn't work there. Whoops. Five minutes later, I finally located the lone person working in the store. She started to look through some of the other boxes for the boot.

The first box she opened had a pair of boots that were two different sizes. The second box she opened had two left boots - different sizes. This was shoe-buying hell. What has happened to all of the left boots in the world? She then moved on to the cash area to see if there were any stray boots behind the counter. Imagine how pleased I was by this time. I told her to forget it.

Such a disappointing outing...sigh.


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Emory said...

Oh noes ... Cinderella is back stirring the nightly gruel, and hand washing everyone else's stuff.