Saturday, November 24, 2007

so how do men ever get things done?

As I mentioned earlier, one of my car headlights burned out this week. Trying to get the stupid bulb replaced was a comedy of errors and I won't bore you with the details. Suffice it to say that I finally got fed up late this week and took my car into the dealership.

I called ahead to ask if I could bring it in after 3pm. The woman on the phone said to bring it by any time in the afternoon before 4pm. However, when I arrived at 3:03pm, the place was a madhouse and the woman behind the counter said they just couldn't help me.

As I was about to leave, the man beside her took over. "Is it just one of your headlights?" he asked. "Yes," I said and gave him a helpless look, batting my eyelashes. "I've tried to get it fixed so many times and I just need my headlight to work. Is there any way you can help me?"

He offered to install it himself, so that I would only have to pay for the bulb. He then walked me out to my car and chatted me up while installing it. I smiled, thanked him and drove away.

I'm shameless. Over the years I've managed to get all kinds of stuff done by flipping my hair and batting my eyelashes, from getting oversized luggage on a flight at no charge to doubling the amount of butter on my movie popcorn (which, btw, didn't go so well because I put the bag on my lap and it drained out onto my jean skirt, leaving a nasty stain). But all of this leads me to wonder: how do men ever get things done?



SunnyShine note: Men throw money at the problem. 'Will $100 take care of it?'


rambler said...

(laughing) What DO men do?
I was killing some time poking around and hit your blog. Some great ideas and writing. I think you're missing the opportunity for some better interplay though. There are two of you, you should make the most of that!
Thanks for the laughs.

Emory said...

Naughty female. Using evolutionary tools to prey (read play) upon defensless mechanics.

OK Helen, you do realize the batting of eyelashes, a helpless look and the flipping or hair has caused great wars.

Naughty, naughty, naughty.

complain away said...

...and only a man would blame a war on the beauty of a woman, rather than the ego of the men fighting for her affections! Are you suggesting that if all women were behind a veil, the wars of the world would stop?

Naughty you too, my friend!

Emory said...

Oh damnit, I do love a women with substance!

Of course men don't fight for the affections of women; that would make women simple objects for gleaming affection. Only objects of posession sooth the ego of men; land, gold, extra goats or things like Viagra man's Porche sooth the ego. Women confound mans ego, as often as they stroke it, ask Napolean.

I mean, can a man realy posess a women? Are women affections objects?

Sure, a women can be complementary, like a chocolate mint on the pillow of a freshly turned down bed, but they are there by excercising free will(at least that would be my Western centric expectation.)

Men on the other hand can be pwned, and like most women, 'naughty' RainyBow knows how to pwn them; with that helpless look, the flipping of her hair, and the batting of her eyelashes.

I am of course 'anti-veil' and would fight a war, so that women could flip their hair, batt their eyes, and offer a helpless look.

But, like Helens beauty, the veil would only be the ignition source, on not the fuel for such a war.

Men will fight a war for just about anything, including a pig.

complain away said...

I believe this is the first time I've been compared to a mint on the pillow of a freshly turned-down bed. I do enjoy the delight in finding a mint on the pillow, but am not sure I like the mint's fleeting existence (especially in your analogy!).

And I'm a history buff, so you're playing can-you-believe-this-war with the right person! I see your pig war and raise you the following:
The football war
The war of Jenkins' ear'_Ear
The Toledo strip war

complain away said...

hmmm... blog didn't like my last link. Perhaps it too agrees that the Toledo war was ridiculous. I'll break it up this time.

complain away said...

Just get a room...


complain away said...

No can do, Sunny. Must save money to purchase parking spot.


Emory said...

Excellent. I never knew about the Toledo Strip. Couldn't imagine MI / OH border as being a flashpoint for violence. I did enjoy this snippet though;

"..will turn out en masse to protect their northern border and restrain the savage barbarity of the hordes of the north."

and it does seem to be a reoccuring theme. There never seems to be a savage horde coming from any other direction, save for the Mongols.

As for the mint; it's existance is like our own; fleeting. We would do well to be remembered as warmly or as complimentary, I think.