Friday, August 31, 2007

someone hurt my car, again

I'm a bit more bitter than usual this evening. You see, this afternoon, on my way home from work, someone rear-ended me, causing quite a bit of buckling in the back of my car.

I'm OK but my car kinda isn't. I've had my poor little guy for just over three years and in that time I've been rearended FOUR times. Yes, four. Actually, one of them was more of a front-ending, since the crazy woman actually backed into me while stopped at a light in the midst of rush hour traffic. (I'm not really sure what to call that, so I group it in with the rearending.)

On top of that, I also had my side bashed in by a guy who clearly couldn't read street signs. So all in all, with this, my poor car will have been reconstructed in the shop five times in three years, all because of other's people's errors.

Four words: Learn to drive, people.



SunnyShine note: This totally bites.

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