Thursday, August 23, 2007

lesson learned

So, as you may have read, I'm in the midst of some renovations on my house. They're almost done (woohoo!), although I hesitate in writing that as renos seem to never be done. They really don't make me happy.

At any rate, some of my walls are concrete, so I asked my contractor to hang a few pictures for me. I figured I didn't need to be there when my mother (an interior design guru--she and my interior designer friend are actually scary when in the same room) told me she would give him height guidelines from the floor. I trust my mother on this kind of stuff.

So I'm not sure whether the instructions weren't clear or whether my guy just wasn't listening, but I came home to a quite horrifying sight. I'm so upset that I don't even think I can handle taking a photo to share with all of you. Just imagine: some of the pictures are so high they actually almost touch my ceiling. wtf?

After I stopped hyperventilating, I spoke to my mom and the fatal error became clear: my guy measured my mom's distance to the bottom of the frame, not to the middle of the whole piece, as she'd asked. @%^$.

To top it off, I don't even have any paint or any sense for what the paint colour may be for the room in which the biggest error occurred. My rentors painted when I was out of the country. I may even have to repaint the entire room to try to fix this.

OK, I need to end this post and learn to be zen. Maybe I'll laugh about this tomorrow.



SunnyShine note: I am dying to see the pics. Pretty please?

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