Sunday, August 26, 2007

my arms don't work

I'm not kidding. I worked out with the trainer today for an hour and I can't lift my arms past my waist. I even sweat. Yuck. I swore at him in English, Spanish, and French - a lot. This didn't bother him at all. I can't walk either in case you care. Also, he can't count. It would seem easy to count down from 8 but I'm sure I did 15 whatevers each time. I had homicidal thoughts throughout, believe me. Tomorrow, I imagine I will be immobile.

This would explain the lack of posts from me today. Miss Rainy has been out bonding with her sister all weekend so this might be all you get.



RainyBow note: I hear you. After solo canoeing this afternoon, my knees and feet no longer work. It feels like carpet burn. I'm lying on my couch under a blanket, in a very delicate position, since the blanket can't touch some parts unless I disconnect a few nerve endings. This is the reward when you try to exercise and stay fit. I think we should all just lie on our couch under a fuzzie blankie, drinking soy hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and eating a selection of sour candy. But then I think I already blogged about that.

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