Sunday, August 19, 2007

don't blame me, dumbass

In case you don't know - and you don't - I have two big dogs. One is a dream; quiet, serene, generally well behaved, meticulous. The other is like satan, if satan were a redneck; the human version of him would be a neanderthal. I cannot begin to go into the destruction and general badness that emanates from him. Let's call him Jethro. Anyway.....

I took them to the off leash park today so Jethro could get rid of some energy and run around like he has just escaped from prison. This is the only place I can take him to run as the fences are 15ft and he doesn't seem to be able to jump that high. He can, however, jump (from standing) onto the first branch of the tree into my back yard - 6ft. I'm digressing.

So I'm in the park and there are a few other people there with their dogs. All dogs are playing nicely and then I see my Jethro run over and investigate something on the ground. Some guy had put down his man-bag cause he was tired of carrying it. Jethro proceeds to sniff and slobber all over this bag cause well, it's on the ground. Jethro is very slobbery.

The owner of the man-bag starts yelling at me because man-bag is now covered in slobber. How is this my problem?

If you are stupid enough to come into a dog off-leash park - where btw, dogs pee, poo, throw up, have diarrhea over every square inch - and put your bag on the ground, you deserve more than just a little slobber. Quite frankly, I was impressed Jethro or some other dog didn't pee on it. Slobber was the least of the things that could have happened to his precious man-bag I think.

He even had the nerve to ask me if I had a wipe. No, I do not have a wipe, idiot. Why aren't you carrying those in your man-bag? I doubt he'll be back.



RainyBow note: are you talking, by chance, about this guy? Note the THIRD EDITION of his buyer's guide to man-bags. I have to wonder why the first and second editions just didn't cut it. Did the "cool" man-bag styles change significantly between editions? 'Cause, really, none of these actually have any semblance of style, even in Eastern Europe. But several have compartments where the wipes would fit quite snugly....

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