Monday, August 27, 2007

newsflash: craigslist is now a magnet for stupidity

Last week two stories hit the news about people who didn't think and craigslist.

In Milwaukee, a woman was arrested for prostitution when she offered sexual services in exchange for money on the local craigslist. OK, so she posted a semi-nude photo of herself with suggestive comments in a city that prohibits the operation of an escort service without a license. Not so bright. But then she did it a second time.

And in Toronto, a woman was actually scammed into sending $2,300 for an apartment that seemed too good to be true. Not only did she never meet the agent (who, shockingly, turned out to be a fake), she also never saw the apartment. Yes, she sent $2,300 because she saw a couple of pretty photos on craigslist.

This may sound harsh, but that $2,300 (and whatever the woman in Milwaukee will pay) seems like a bit of a stupidity tax, no?



SunnyShine note: The tax isn't high enough.

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