Sunday, August 19, 2007

late night tv

Last night in a state of insomnia, two big mistakes occurred:
1. late night pizza, of which the toppings included garlic
2. some watching of the show Blind Date.

Even in my sleep-deprived, pizza-overdosed haze, I was still incapable of believing the following:
- There are guys who will propose to a girl on a first date (and a blind one, at that!)
- There are guys who will wear an outfit completely comprised of colourful balloon animals
- There are people who find redneck joke-y thought bubbles truly delightful
- 3,996 people have spent at least a few seconds on Roger Lodge’s official website

Perhaps the next time I feel the need to endure bad late-night tv, I'll choose the pork rinds....



SunnyShine note: Well, if the equally stupid woman (i'm assuming here) ends up marrying him, that leaves one less loser you need to worry about. Though, your consumption of pizza with garlic at the wee hours in the morning would have probably prevented you from same marriage proposal. Either way, you're safe.

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