Wednesday, August 22, 2007

dear biker guy

Judging by your get-up, it seems you taking riding your bike quite seriously. Helmet - check. Gloves - check. Reflectors - check. Disgustingly tight and unattractive bike shorts - check. Tour de France jersey that makes you think you're cool when you're really not - check. Loser bike goggles - check. (Ok, try typing goggle and tell me you don't type google every time. hee)

So why is it, biker guy, that you can't follow the rules of the road. More specifically, when you are approaching a stop sign, you have to stop. Evidently, you don't know what one of these signs looks like so I have included the picture below in order to help you recognize it next time.

Look familiar? A word of advice. Next time you see this sign, please stop. I don't need to spend the rest of my life in therapy because you didn't feel like stopping. You can't have it both ways. You can't complain about drivers (and swear at us at the top of your lungs) when you're not obeying the laws. Drivers don't actively look for bikes to hit. The fact that I came within 1/2 ft of hitting you was YOUR FAULT. I stopped at the 4-way stop, looked both ways and proceeded. You came to the stop sign to my right after I did but did not stop as I assumed you would (yes, I know what they say about assuming). So had I not been paying attention and slammed on my brakes, you would now be dead and I would be heading to therapy.

Thank you,


RainyBow note: Methinks you need to drive in the suburbs more, perhaps.

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