Friday, August 31, 2007

it pays to be a dog

This world never ceases to amaze me. It seems that the 'queen of mean', Leona Helmsley left $12M to her dog, Trouble. That's 12 000 000 to you and me. In what universe does a dog need $12M? I have two dogs and have definitely made arrangements for them in case something random removes me from this earth before my time (aside: Jethro will probably be the random thing to remove me from this earth....if I can survive him, I can survive anything) but they won't be getting a wad of cash.

According to the article, the $12M will generate $600K in income each year. Hopefully this dog has a good financial advisor or he may find himself destitute before the end of his days. Also, what happens to all of this money when Trouble kicks the can? I wonder who he will will it to.

Interestingly enough - not that this isn't already interesting - she only left $2M each to 2 of her 4 grandchildren. The other two got nothing. They might be irate about now. Granny had $2.5B when she died. That's far too much money for one person to have.

I think Trouble was misnamed. Clearly he should be called Lucky Bastard.



RainyBow note: Isn't that $84M in dog money?! I know, bad joke, but really what else is there to say? Approximately 30 million people in the world die of starvation every year because they can't afford to buy the basics. Apparently it doesn't pay to be human in some parts of the world. If I were Buddhist, maybe I could make this right in my mind with the theory that Trouble is the reincarnation of a starving child...


SunnyShine note: So true. Imagine the good her money could have done in Africa or India or anywhere else. Why are the very rich always so greedy? Is that how they got rich? Bill Gates & Warren Buffett could teach them a thing or two.

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