Tuesday, January 1, 2008

two things i learned on new year's eve

1. when you buy wine because it's from a region of the world that made you think, "wow, I didn't know they made wine, this should be funny," you should expect to feel like Santa's elves are tearing apart all of last year's unwanted Christmas gifts in your head the next morning. Let's hope the elves are not as industrious as all the kids' tales claim.

2. when the guy who has told you for the last eight years that he just wants to be your friend drunk dials you for five years straight at 12:03am on New Year's Eve, he won't be erasing your number before 12:03am this year. Call display is your friend. Stop answering the phone.

Happy New Year!

RainyBow update: Omg, the elves were busy buggers yesterday. Ouch.


fg said...

Happy New Year to you too! Personally, I'm hoping 2008 is a big improvement over 2007. I even resorted to resolutions this year!

I'm especially looking forward to the continued adventures of the lovely Rainybow and Sunnyshine. Thanks for all the laughs you've provided me so far -- laughter seems to be such a rare commodity these days, and it's been a blessing to have found a place where I can find it with regularity!!

Cranky said...


My people have a website! How exciting that you found me. Let's wish for a year with nio public hurling of any sort.

Emory said...

OY! ... YOU

Have a great year!

Not sure if I want to win a lottery, or sit in on Ann Coulter's autopsy; but I am sure I want you 'guys' to have a great year!

complain away said...

@fg: thanks for the kind words. I too hope that 2008 is a big improvement over 2007, since lots of people in my life died last year. On a lighter note, just as Sunny was getting a complex about Mr. Mayne, I was starting to get my own about you. I feared you'd only drop us a line when Sunny eventually came back. But it seems that you don't find me irreparably dull after all. phew.

@Cranky: you rock. Seriously. I thought I was going to lose my mind at work today until I discovered your blog. I need more. Minus the public hurling, of course.

@Emory: OY backatcha. Making your acquaintance ranks up there in my list of best things about the net in 2007. Here's hoping you have lots more upside-down fridge epidemics and the like in 2008!

Angryjed said...

Love your thoughts on wine. Mirrors my own thoughts: just because you can grow grapes does not mean you have to make wine.

I tried some Virginia wine recently and I have to say my home-made swill merlot was better.

Love the blog, I'll be sure to visit again!

complain away said...

Angryjed, I see your Virginia wine and raise you the pride and joy of Missouri, known as Chardonnel. I swear that's not a spelling error. It is, however, a grape error. :)