Tuesday, January 29, 2008

mommy, i want a boob

One of my good friends just got a bad case of mastitis. I cringed as I wrote that because I'm told it's uber painful. But I can't really feel all that badly for her. You see, my friend is still breastfeeding her child, who is now... wait for it... 18 months old.

Now, I know somebody inevitably will read this and say something like "well, my mom breastfed me until I was FOUR and I turned out OK," but, you know, that's just not normal in my world. Once your kid starts eating solid foods, the breastfeeding should slowly come to an end. Most North American doctors will tell you that all nutritional value to the child is lost after 9 months, and that after that point, breastfeeding is just a crutch for the mother to feel closer to her child. A creepy crutch, I might add.

My rule of thumb? If your kid can ask for milk in some semblance of a sentence, it's time to stop.



SunnyShine note: I'll raise you a nearly 3-year old. The sister of a friend of mine is still breastfeeding her child who turns 3 in May. He walks. He talks. He is learning to read. Make the madness stop.


Emory said...

UH Oh! BOOB bait. Not gonna take it, not gonna go down that road.

I get that pastoral bucolic vision when I think of a Child at the breast of a Mother. But, that goes downhill when teeth are introduced. The I get that woebegone vision of desperate poverty, and famine.

E<-- breast fed and turned out just awful!

Mrs. Mom said...

I breastfed my babies, but ohmygosh! Three years old??? Ewww.