Monday, January 21, 2008

lies and more lies

This is a little late but I still need to put it down for the record. Recently, the US President went to Saudi Arabia to ask for a little more oil. Not surprisingly, this was his first real trip to the middle east in 8 years in office. Interesting that he has no trouble putting his citizens in the hot zone so they can get their limbs blown off or get killed but he can't spare a minute to visit. Too dangerous maybe? What can you expect of a president who had never been out of the US when he took office.

So great that he has remained friends with the Saudis through these tumultuous times. You never know when you're going to need more oil to run all of the 16 cylinder vehicles the US is so fond of. Kittens and roses.

The war on terror shows no signs of ending. We must do our best to rid the world of the terrible Afghans and Iraqis. Damn, those Iranians are pesky too. What no one seems to remember - or maybe they don't even know - is that 15 of 19 of the 911 pilots were SAUDI. Of the other 4, 1 was Egyptian, 2 were from UAE, and 1 was Lebanese. No, there's no mistake.

None were Afghan.

None were Iraqi.

None were Iranian.

They were SAUDI. Who is Bush hobnobbing with?? The Saudis. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I don't recall any wars being declared on Saudi Arabia in recent memory. I do recall handshakes, smiles, and dancing.

It's all about oil, people. The US doesn't care about anything or anyone unless they are sitting on oil. Can't upset the Saudis and risk not getting their oil.

Please remember this when the bombs start falling on Iran in the name of the war against terror. Ask yourself why. The lies just keep coming and the Americans just keep swallowing them.


ps....I'm back.


Marnie said...

Welcome back! Now you should take a real vacation where you don't get sick.

(Not a vacation from the blog, though.)

Emory said...

SunnyShine have you any idea how much money is spent - worldwide - for guns, bombs, battleships, and bayonets?

One American airplane costs 200 million dollars - how many well could be dug, how many schools could be built, how many people lives could be touched with the cost of just one plane?

You missed the real reason for the visit - it was to sell 30 billion dollars worth of death machines to the Saudis; who to your point haven't been in a War.

Bush is a death merchant - Putin too; they all are!

What can I say about the Middle Easy, that is not a stereotype?


..and where in the hell have you been anyway. (he said barking) Martinique one minute, some bloody desert the next - you have more frequent flyer miles than Condi Rice - dammit. I swear you are a CIA operative, living in the shadows and driving fast cars with ejection seats. Ah ha OOSunnyShine - me thinks.

complain away said...

Emory, you definitely are right about the profiteering. I don't even want to start in about the money that is spent every day and the positive changes it could make to so many lives around the world. sigh.


I am staying put for a while. Clearly I have been karmically challenged of late and laying low seems to be a good course of action. Next trip will be in October and you don't want to know the destination. Trust. lol