Friday, January 4, 2008

free vermont?!

I just discovered the Vermont Commons people, who want to "peaceably secede from the United States Empire and govern themselves as a more sustainable independent republic once again."

Here's some stuff I know about Vermont:
1. It's one of the smallest U.S. states in total land area.
2. It's one of the least populous states. I don't think their largest city even has a population of 50,000.
3. A high percentage of its population claims to have no religious beliefs.
4. Howard Dean, skiing and gay marriage.
5. Lots of maple syrup.
6. Nobody who lives there has ever visited complainaway. (Btw, visitors from the midwest have been pitiful too. What's with that?!)

Admittedly, I would probably discover much more than this if I actually did my research. And maybe I'd even find a real reason why they need to secede and go at it on their own. But it's more fun to do it my way.

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