Thursday, January 24, 2008

more snacks

As you may have gathered from at least one previous post, I love snack food from other countries. Actually, I'm a source of much amusement, because when I get a new snack I don't just love it, I obsess over it. I keep it on my desk and admire it, then I photograph it, then, finally, I eat it. Throughout this long process, I talk about it. Endlessly.

Over the Christmas break, a friend went on some crazy central American cruise and was kind enough to indulge my little habit. Here are the two gems she brought back for me.

The white cigar-looking item is a rollito de coco, a delicious combination of coconut and sugar. Mmmmmm. The only alarming feature about this item: one of its ingredients was "vanilla raising." I'm hoping that's a bad translation of "extract."

The Pico Buzzy with the crazy face was a bit more of an experience. It looked like Jell-O crystals (which were a staple in my diet when I was like six). And it boasted a "tamarind flavor." Now, I like tamarind as much as the next person, but I've never really wanted to sample tamarind Jell-O crystals. I'm guessing that Kraft Foods' focus groups have overwhelmingly agreed.

I went all the way with the Pico Buzzy and poured a whack down my throat. It was like scarfing down a mixture of sugar and salt. And some artificial red stuff. I wonder if it's a big seller in some central American country.



Complaint Department Manager said...

Saw the "coconut" reference and I instantly remebered my rediscovery of coconut milk, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. But, DAMN if it ain't fattening.

Whiner Girl said...

"Vanilla raising" ... hmmm ... well, I found this --->
So, it appears it's, well, other than the fact it's got a light vanilla flavor, I couldn't begin to tell ya.

complain away said...

LOL. At least I know where I can purchase some vanilla raising, should I ever want to use it for whatever one uses it for. And apparently I can "save buckets" on it! Thanks.

As for coconut milk, don't get me started. Methinks it goes to the top of the yummy scale. I might just go rediscover it now...

Emory said...

Coconut ... roasted coconut. Why, it's worth pushing old people down a flight of steps to get near too -yes it is.

complain away said...

Hmmmm... perhaps that explains the Sunny-tumbling-down-a-flight-of-stairs incident.