Thursday, January 31, 2008

need some brida things?

I spotted this while stumbling home this evening. I'm still laughing, but then again, I'm drunk (as you can probably tell from the quality photography). Perhaps the person who wrote this was also drunk. I don't know how else to explain the missing "l."

I may think this post is really lame when I'm hungover tomorrow morning. Oh well.



Whiner Girl said...

Ummm ... maybe that's a signature line. Dear Customers, Everything 50% off. Brida If only she hadn't omitted the "Sincerely"

complain away said...

Not bad, whiner girl!

Or maybe it's "brida" stuff for people who are having a "weddin."

Complaint Department Manager said...

I don' se th proble . Mus b m .

complain away said...

Good to see you've also been drinking, CDM!