Sunday, January 20, 2008

i've seen a lot on the road...

... but I've never seen this one. Apparently Virginia has seen fit to ban "outsized rubber replica[s] of testicles" dangling from trailer hitches, for safety reasons.

Seriously, was this ban really necessary? Has anyone out there remarked on the epidemic of rubber testicle trailer hitches before this news? And if people really are decorating their trailer hitches with these items, where do you think they're getting them? Is some genius out there making oodles of cash with the decorative rubber testicle replica business idea?



I have a short list of people that "need to grow a pair, so these will help" when I get some $$$.

Currently out of $2 bills. =(

Whiner Girl said...

I live in Colorado, and it seems to be a trend out here. Tons of oversized pickup trucks don these eye sores. In my opinion, it only confirms the theory that a man's truck is just an extension of his member.

complain away said...

Well, then I stand (horrifyingly) corrected.

Perhaps I should plan to travel to the NC-VA or TN-VA border, just so I can see truckers struggling to remove or conceal their oversized plastic testicles to avoid the fines.

(And, Sniderman, congrats on the blog nominations. Hope the $2 bills win you some glory.)