Monday, February 25, 2008

we've got you covered

I need to rant about insurance for a minute.

I am beginning to think it's the biggest scam going. Really, is playing the lottery any different? I pay both my car and house premium every single month and what does it get me? Nothing, that's what.

My first complaint is about my car insurance premium. I am accident free. I am ticket free. My car is 3 years old. I do not drive a sports car. My car has not been modified. I do not street race. I am not a 20 year old boy; in fact, I now qualify for an age discount because I am over 35 (sheesh). I would assume that given all of these factors, my premium would go down, or at least stay the same as it was last year. Nope. It went up by $120. Explain this to me please. Does this make sense to you?

Second complaint - house insurance. I spoke to the adjuster this morning about my roof problem. You remember, it's leaking like a sieve. It's so bad, I don't even want to go into the bathroom at all. This presents a problem because I don't have another bathroom; I'm sure I have kidney stones in my future.

Anyway, the guy was an ass. Of course he was, 'cause I have a problem that might require them to lay out some cash. This guy went on and on about how I probably wasn't covered for this reason and that reason - the roofing guy hasn't even come to look at the roof yet, so how would he know. During the course of this conversation, I started wondering what circumstance they would cover and I'm beginning to think there isn't one. I'm sure they are going to come up with every excuse they can not to cover my roof. We'll see what happens; they don't know who they're dealing with.

At the very least, I can afford to get my roof fixed without insurance money. Some people aren't so lucky. I'm sure there are plenty of Katrina victims who have something to say about the insurance premiums they paid regularly. Is it too much to ask the insurance companies to live up to their end of the bargain since they expect us to live up to our end?



Дж. Хьюз said...

My stepmother-in-law is a member of Christ Church Unity. Last time she was here she put my wife and me on a Unity devotional mailing list. I'd get her for that, but she fries me up a pound of bacon for breakfast whenever my wife and I are visiting them. I bet she has one of those bracelets.

Whiner Girl said...

Denying the claim is one thing. Denying it without having done the initial inspection? That's got to be frustrating as hell!!
They also like to deny crap that's supposed to be maintenance issues ... "Ma'am, you should have dragged your arse up onto this here roof and caulked on this precarious point."

Emory said...

OH, don't get me started on insurance. It's enough to make me move to Oregon; shave my head and tromp around in the woods with tommy guns screaming 'white power, and sieg heil' at my new found friends - yes it is. Makes me want to snack on kittens.

Katrina was a prime example of their disgrace, and then to see them advertise (at a costs of millions, to be sure) on television about being 'good hands people' or 'being on your side' really ticks me off.

I have had one ticket - since running from the law, but that's a different story, involving women, Old Crow and a dare - in the millions of miles, and years that I have driven. I have never had a single claim, nor been involved in so much as a scratch.

Yep I do drive 'real' machinery, powered by an AJ34S with 400 hp and 408 ft lbs of torque capable of 5.3 second 0-60 times, - it comes in handy when leaving the driveway, I can check the mail in about 2.1 seconds - YAY! - and can (have) comfortably cruise at 135 mph (220kph)

So for all the airbags, modern braking systems, crumple zone engineering, performance tires, and years of experience count for nada. You are going to pay the man, and pay the man double when a revenue officer catches you exercising your machine. Rat fink bastards.

"The fastest speeding ticket in the world allegedly occurred in May 2003 in Texas. It was supposedly 242mph in a 75mph zone. The car was a Swedish-built Koenigsegg" -- Kool

"The most expensive speeding ticket ever given is believed to be the one given to Jussi Salonoja in Helsinki, Finland, in 2003. Salonoja, the 27-year old was fined 170,000 euros for driving 80km/h in a 40km/h zone. The large fine was due to Finnish speeding tickets being relative to the offenders last known income." -- Bummer.

fg said...

I had to submit a home insurance claim a few months ago, because my toilet tank spontaneously burst. My insurance covered the cost of cleaning up the flood damage, but not the cost of replacing the toilet. The adjuster explained that home insurance covers unexpected events and not normal wear and tear. She actually used the example of needing to replace a roof. If something runs into your roof, and as a result, it needs to be replaced, then you're covered. If it's just regular maintenance, then you're not....

complain away said...

@Russian? characters I can't read(I'm assuming) - I'd do a lot for bacon too. lol. I'm only admitting this because Rainy is far, far away and unable to scowl at me for being a carnivore.

@Whiner - Oh yes, he mentioned that I should be up on the roof regularly.

@Emory - I'm shocked you left me a comment; I didn't think I'd see you until Rainy returned.

@fg - My roof is only a couple of years old. My main issue is that he is pronouncing a verdict before knowing the facts. I have already resigned myself to having to pay for it.


Complaint Department Manager said...

Your insurance is a result of their total claims being passed on to you. The more they pay out, the more YOU pay out.(It sucks, I know.) Home owners, same thing, they pull delay tactics and hope you don't push the issue and maybe even forget about it. Check your deductable and so forth Make an extra copy and highlight critical areas), make sure you know more about your policy than that asshole when he comes back, he won't expect it and you'll catch him off guard. I hate insurance adjusters with a passion, I'd sooner be strained through a chain link fence than deal with them in masse.