Saturday, February 23, 2008

price check, cash 3

I think I may have mentioned that I have a leak in the roof above my bathroom. Don't let the word 'leak' fool you; it is pretty much raining in my bathroom. It's not in one place either, it's in many places. Anyway, I needed to get some cheap towels to put on the floor to soak up all the water, so I went to the dollar store.

This particular dollar store is part of a national chain. The name of the store has the word 'dollar' in it and the tagline for the store - on all of their signs - is 'everything for a dollar'. I don't go to dollar stores that often, but I get the general idea; whatever I buy is going to cost me a dollar. Ok.

I picked up about 10 towels and headed to the cash. When I got to the front of the line, the cashier looked at me and said, 'you know each of these is a dollar, right?' Ummm. Really??? Can I think about this for a minute? Sheesh. wtf. I don't know if I look particularly stupid or not, but why on earth would she ask me that? I have no idea.



Complaint Department Manager said...

I would have said,(without missing a beat) did you know in the dictionary under "redundant" it says, see "redundant"?

Marnie said...

I bought some cookie tins at a dollar store years ago, and I can't bear to scrub the price tags off the bottoms because I always get a smile from reading the name of the store and the price of each tin:

All For One Dollar

(I'll assume your cashier was expecting you to be one of the multitude who expect the cheap towels to be two for a dollar, five for a dollar, or possibly ten for a dollar.)

Anonymous said...

I'm always amused every time I go into one of those stores (which is pretty much only when I have to buy Christmas presents for people I don't like much!) and I buy maybe 6 items, give the cashier a 10 dollar bill, but if they key something into the cash register wrong they can't figure out the change.

complain away said...

This is because no one can function without a calculator. My mother wouldn't let me have one when I was in high school (meanie) so I can calculate numbers in my head faster than the cash registers can spit them out. My favourite, though, is when I give the cashier a penny after they have keyed in the cash, and they can't figure out what to give me back. I do it on purpose sometimes.


Anonymous said...

OhOhOh! I've done that as well....give the cashier a penny after they've rung it up. They look at me like I'm trying to scam them!