Wednesday, February 6, 2008

karma update #1

I woke up this morning to find water on my bathroom floor. I looked up to discover that my ceiling has sprung a leak. It's conveniently located 6 inches from the light fixture - here's hoping it doesn't travel any further. The contractor just left and will return on Friday to cut out the drywall to try to find the leak. Good times.



Mrs. Mom said...

I love the idea of this blog! It seems like everyone in my blog world is perfect. They have a perfect life. Perfect kids. Perfect marriages. Perfectly kept homes. They work at the perfect job... oh wait. They are all SAHMs... and that's so perfect.

I've been reading through posts. Fun stuff!

complain away said...

Welcome. Boy are you in for a ride. Ain't nothin' perfect 'round these parts. Lol.


Complaint Department Manager said...

You got that right. I hate that cutsie blog shit. In this circle we're keepin' the shit real! (another constipation joke, oh god the humanity)