Saturday, February 9, 2008

i always wanted to be a hand model

Check out what we got in the mail yesterday!



SunnyShine note: I have had a headache ever since you gave me my bracelet. I wonder if these things are related? It has been a week now - enough already.

Also, I have figured out how to work this system. Technically, if you complain twice in a row, you don't have to move the bracelet because it would end up on the same wrist it started on in the first place. You could easily get to 21 days of not moving the bracelet if you just complained in multiples of two.


Jon said...

I don't see any blistering or peeling of the skin where it's touching your wrist - are you SURE that's your hand?

Kathy said...

Or is this a shameless way to promote your blog? If people aren't allowed to complain publicly anymore, they can come to your blog and complain anonymously. I think that's what it says.

Let me know if it works. I'd like to increase traffic to my blog more than my 5-6 loyal readers.

Complaint Department Manager said...

Shit, if that works for you, I may sell T-shirts!

complain away said...

@Jon: Yup, it's mine--can't you tell from the advanced case of skin-and-bones disease? Point well taken though--I am a bit frightened to wear this thing for extended periods of time. I think it might learn to levitate off my wrist.

@Kathy: I swear you're just trying to torment me (did Will Bowen send you?). Every time you comment, I try to click through to your blog and can't. Methinks you're deliberately restricting yourself to 5-6 loyal readers....

And CDM: I am afraid of your tshirts. Please make them soon.

Emory said...

Oh noes .. they caught, tagged and released our rainybow.

.. and what a dainty lil' hand - the kind that should be held while walking on the fashionable streets of Milan, me thinks

complain away said...

Hmmmm... Well, my friends always feel so badly for the guys I date that they've decided to form a briefing committee for the next one. The committee is creating a list of things the poor guy should know/do/be in order to survive.

Perhaps I will add Emory to the committee list, as you've got a quite a list by now yourself!