Thursday, June 5, 2008

maybe janez drnovsek wasn't such a crackpot

OK, bad dating choices are us. Normally though, I'm not masochistic enough to confront those bad choices in the flesh once it's over. Something possessed me this evening to break that rule and spend time with an ex from ages ago.

Said ex asked how I was doing. I gave some fluffy answer about trips I've recently taken, volunteer work I've been doing, and a course I've been taking. And then I decided to be honest and ranted a bit about the torment I'm experiencing in the materialistic world that surrounds me. I figure any self-respecting human being would at least try to empathize.

Instead, buddy cut me off with, "Wow, you look really sad. Why don't you tell me a funny story? That'll cheer you up."

Oh yeah, that's a great idea. I should tell you a story that would amuse you in order to make myself happy. Not surprisingly, the night never recovered after that.

Why aren't people allowed to just be tormented once in a while? Do I need to become a Slovenian hermit to be honest about how messed up I think things are?


innkeeper said...

So it's obviously all about the ex, and that's probably why said ex is now the "ex," right?

That just shows you used good judgment by dumping the ex when you did. Look at this latest experience as an affirmation that you did the right thing! :)

Emory said...

The trouble with burning bridges behind you, is that sometimes the smoke will begin to blind you.

Not knowing more about this inadequate; I will rfrain from sentencing.

complain away said...

Innkeeper, I agree that in this case, it was absolutely the right thing. However, what I think emory's alluding to (maybe?) is my ridiculous search for perfection.

Does a relationship have to be perfect to be satisfying or fulfilling? While I don't feel it does in all of my friendships, somehow that doesn't carry over to love for me.

But that's a whole can of worms so I'll leave it at that for now.

Emory said...

Correct. I would never ask anyone to 'settle' and I certainly would never ask that of you. As much as the 'internets' will allow, I think you are a very deserving person.

The other thought was; I hope that past burned bridges are not interferring with future crossings.

E<--- Dislikes smoke.