Sunday, June 15, 2008

guilt trips should be reserved for the guilty

So today I got up super early for a running date, showered and picked up a friend to go hiking. I got home from hiking, showered, then went out with friends for an early dinner. I got home at 7:30.

Today coincidentally was Father's Day. I spent a day with the parents last weekend so didn't feel the need to visit today. My plan was to call after I got home from dinner when I could actually talk to my father, rather than just yelling out "happy Father's Day" and having to hang up. And let me just reiterate that I got home at 7:30, which I think is a respectable time to call one's father on Father's Day.

Well, apparently that was not good enough for my mother, who felt the need to call me at 5:00 today and ream me out. "It's clear that you don't love your father," she barked at me.

I give up. I am a bad child.


Whiner Girl said...

I own some luggage that is all stretched out by packing for said "guilt trips" ...and there are many a stamp on my passport.

Complaint Department Manager said...

I flat out refuse to go by somebody else's time table, that includes the parents. If I ever hear anything like that, I usually put it back on them, saying something like, "Okay, next time I'll call at 4 A.M. to make sure that my voice will be the first thing you hear in the morning and you'll be remembering it all day."

complain away said...

CDM, I wish you luck in the world of dating. ;)

Emory said...

So, why do you hate your father?

E<-- closes blinds; picks up a pen and legal pad; prepares to take notes.