Friday, June 27, 2008

back on wednesday, and hopefully in one piece

I'm off to do some camping and whitewater kayaking. Unfortunately, once my adrenaline kicks in, it makes something in my brain believe I am invincible. With any luck, I'll come back with some stories, and all of my limbs intact.

Happy weekend.


Complaint Department Manager said...

Man, you are like the sixth person that I know within my blogosphere realm that is either going camping or has been camping recently. It's an interesting trend.

Whiner Girl said...

Have a blast!!

complain away said...

So, will you be pitching a tent any time soon, CDM?

Complaint Department Manager said...

Pitching a tent, I just had a Beavis and Butthead moment.

Not sure when I'll hit the wilderness again. I try to out do myself everytime I go out. Last time was in Moab and did as you did with whitewater rafting. Not sure how I'll top that just yet with my limited funds right now.

complain away said...

No backyard camping for you? ;)

I used to have people next door who would pitch a tent behind their house and fire up the cooking stove. No joke. I think that was their way of escaping reality.