Saturday, March 22, 2008

mmmmm... stale tarts

I think news about my obsession with foreign snacks may be spreading a bit too widely. A colleague's friend (who I have never met) went to the Philippines and brought me back these snacks. Don't get me wrong; I was pretty happy that the tarts ended up in my hands. But I have a sneaking suspicion that people are beginning to describe me the way I talk about I-like-getting-gas colleague sometimes.

At any rate, check out the tarts.

fruit tartsThe best before date on the package is the end of July. Now, I don't eat a lot of packaged baked goods, so I may be missing something, but that seems like a long way away. The ingredients are even more interesting though:

fruit tarts ingredientsI had to do some research before sampling these. Langka is just another word for jack fruit (which, incidentally, is a diuretic when eaten in large amounts). Coconut sports I'm still a bit fuzzy on (probably mostly because of the image in my head when I say or write it), but the mention of "jella powder" is what truly perplexes (is it just Jello powder with an Asian twist?). Somewhat reassuring is the fact that the manufacturer is a member of the Sweet & Delicacies Association of Pampanga.

I had a few of these guys this morning and I have to admit that, while somewhat stale in texture, they were extremely tasty. They definitely beat the pants off of Pico Buzzy.



Complaint Department Manager said...

Assorted fruit tarts...Sounds like the majority of girls I dated my first time in college.

Emory said...

I refused to date a tarts in college. I did have a job at an all female college when I was in HS, and was passed around like a friday night secret.


How does one add, natural flavour and at what point would that become unnatural.

Coconut Sports is a mutant coconut. I guess you will have to watch for feathers growing on your legs.

complain away said...

@CDM, eek. I've been watching the footage from Missouri with a permacringe on my face. I've been through a flood myself and it wasn't pretty. The saddest part for me was after the clean-up when everyone went back to their house and put out their damaged furnitures, toys, memorabilia, etc., to be taken away.

@Emory, I'm already hairy enough. Geez.

Complaint Department Manager said...

No worries, I live on high ground. If Noah wanted a place to hang next time there's a big flood, you can look for him at my place. However, the downtown area had a few prominent business hacks a bit worse for wear. As you can tell, I feel dreafully sorry for them.