Thursday, March 20, 2008

news about mark and christine

You're probably wondering who they are. Well, I don't really know much more about them than you do. I used to work with Mark, who is married to Christine. And "news about Mark and Christine" was the title of an email I got from Mark today.

The body of the email actually said, in these exact words: "Mark and Christine are separated as of this past weekend, and they are planning to divorce."

Two things:
1. I haven't tried writing an email about myself in the third person, but I wonder if I'm missing out on something. It might make the email responses I get at work more interesting.

2. Group emails for personal information haven't traditionally been my thing either. When I read this, part of me wanted to send an email to my group contact list about the weird little skin condition in that one spot on my back.

But then I guess I just posted that random little piece of info on my blog, which is kind of the same thing as sending a group email to my contact list. If only I'd written it in the third person. Seriously, wtf?



"they" said...

They say writing in the third person is a sign of a true lunatic.

Whiner Girl said...

Whiner Girl thinks this tale to be funny.

Jon said...

I expect that this was the least painful way to notify everyone at once. Referring to themselves in the third person distances them from the divorce blah blah blah.

It's still weird.

Emory said...

I do think Emory would agree with your post. I also know he occaisionally feels uncomfortable using an internet pseudonym.

It is not that he is uncomfortable with his own identity; just the public revealing of it.

I am sure he has his own valid reasons.

e<--- lays back down on gurney - succombs to a Thorazine drip.

complain away said...

OK, now that we're on the topic... I was at a friend's place last night and realized how much it annoys me when people use the third person to refer to themselves while talking to their small children. In my friend's words, "Mommy has to go now." Huh? Does the kid have another mommy I'm not seeing?!

Rainy's not a parent though--she doesn't know if some hormonal thing happens when people take care of small people that suddenly makes the third person more palatable.