Wednesday, March 19, 2008

does anyone understand this?

All right, so here's another come-watch-me-give-birth colleague story. Sunny told me she had a similar conversation with our friend a few weeks back.

Another colleague was standing, talking to me, when Madam the blurter jumped in.

Colleague [to pregnant colleague]: Can I touch your belly? Do those pants have a panel? I wish I were pregnant like you. It's so great.

Pregnant colleague: Oh, you want to have another kid?

Colleague: No. I just liked being pregnant.

Pregnant colleague: Really? I don't really like always being big and exhausted.

Colleague: Oh, I really miss it. I like it when I have gas because it's the same kind of feeling.

Me: You like it when you have gas?!

Colleague [giggling]: Yeah, I can pretend I'm pregnant again.



Emory said...

Sorry, this is beyond my norm, and I believe your colleague may be beyond any norm.

complain away said...

Remember that I spend more time listening to her/ talking to her/ seeing her than I do with probably anyone else in my life. Not sure what the long-term effects of that will be. Perhaps I should be studied.