Monday, March 17, 2008

the bible was their guide for this?

I do like me some heart-warming church stories. How 'bout this one, with the couple who decided to go at it at least once a day, because their church thought it would be good for their relationship? I'm not really sure why you become a celebrity when you decide to engage in conjugal relations with your spouse, but there it is. And buddy's profound judgement at the end? "I'm surprised it worked as good as it did."

Clearly the Bible mumbo jumbo and/or the constant exchange of bodily fluids have impeded his ability to speak English real good. I wonder if the church is keeping track of this less-than-desirable side effect.


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Emory said...

Well let's face it, Loreena does look satisfied, doesnt she.

Is it me, or does Doug have a Ferret like appearance?

They both need a tan, perhaps a little more outdoor activity. I mean really, why not collect all the Boy Scout badges.

This is good thing - I think - much better than lining up for the Jim Jones punch.

Bottoms up!