Sunday, September 14, 2008

is the food almost tasty too?

almost perfect frozen food
The name of this joint is highly suspect, no? Too bad it was closed when I passed so I couldn't find out what made the food "almost perfect."


Emory Mayne said...

On a recent episode of Anthony Bourdaines' No Reservations, we were invited to indulge ourselves (if only for one hour) in the culinary art of Japan.

Given the spiritual rituals, and Oriental orthodox of self awareness, which incorporates the sense of never attainting perfection, yet whos goal is found in the pursuit, never in final accomplishement - I find this particular pic provocative.

Can it be that so insignificant an outlet, has in fact found this Oriental orthodoxy. Is it now delivering to itself and proclaiming to the world, that their struggle to find perfection fails, yet transcends the Western notion of perfection.

Are they not perfect in their corporate assumptions; if not in their Frozen Foods manufacture.

I think so - Grasshopper.

E<--- A dizzying attemp to find some explaination of of this full o' fail business.

complain away said...

Eek. You're becoming a frozen foods filosopher.

Emory Mayne said...

Nope , nope , nope.

I really don't care for anything frozen - even ice cream is a struggle.

The thought of actually eating the products from this particular outlet, is further strained in the fact their manufacture was 'almost' perfect.

I am just trying to find some good in this outlet.

As for being a Phyllosipher I plead guilty.

I made a veggie pizza the other day using Phyllo as the crust, it was very good.

I wish I could claim the idea my own, but alas, I cannot.

Hope you are feeling better; you do know about that about that chewing gum stuff (PeelU) that contains Vitamin C - right.

complain away said...

Hey, I thought you were a member of what I call that weird gum-hating cult.

Methinks your dislike for things frozen is the Brit in you speaking. Living in Eastern Europe ruined cold beer for me.

Because I'm not a meat-eater, my freezer gets pretty lonely. The only frozen thing I have a taste for is ice cream, and man, do I miss eating it. I remember being a kid, having something bad happen, and feeling like the whole world was ending, BUT then I would eat an ice cream cone and all would be well again.

I wish I still had a magical food that could do that for me. Somehow I doubt that's going to happen with mixed bean crackers with anchovies. ;)

Emory Mayne said...

As a Subject of Her Majesty, my particular likes and dislikes are often tainted with certain formed opinions of those dear Isles, that go beyond the culinary.

Gum and Ice cream are but a start. When added to my indiffenerce to Jean and the wearing of Baseball caps, I can may come across as 'snobby.'

Now that does not mean that I am conservative in lifes approach. Those same Isles conquered the Orb, formed an Empire, and imported the world to her shores, and of which I eagerly partake.

But aye lassie, count me in the card carrying membership of 'anti gum smackers.' I should not have encouraged you ....

Given I had a comfortable childhood, I cannot claim Ice Cream as a comfort food. For me, like ancient ancient Central American cheiftains, and the wig wearing Versailles crowd of 17th Century France, chocolate has been my pleasure.

Now, beer. I have brewed my own, and admit to being a recovering beer 'snob.'

American 'iced cold' beer, is not beer at all; it is merely a soft drink for baseball cap wearing adults (I don't drink soft drinks either.) But, it does have it's time and place - if not quality or discernable taste.

British and Belgium beers are, IMHO, the best. Eastern European are good, and I actually reach for Staro on occaision.

No beer has ever come close to 'Old Speckled Hen' - save for Guiness, which is a meal unto itelf and should be considered a food group; given its construction and carb content.......

Hope you have good weekend. I will be working an Obama booth on Saturday, at some local Harvest Festival. I will be converting the 'clings to guns and religion' crowd - AKA the redneck vote - that Obama struggles with, but McSame and Billary enslave with ease.

Should I wear a hat? Swill a Bud, and dress in Jean?
I mean I can speak about Little E, Bobby Lee, Moonpies, and peanuts in RC - do I really need the costume.