Wednesday, July 30, 2008

and maybe miniskirts should default to old people sizes

I'm just going to go ahead and admit that I'm a bit of a girly runner. You're not going to catch me running around in a pair of men's shorts and an oversized tshirt. I've got a full drawer of matching running skirts and shirts which I think are keeping in business.

Today I was booting around their website, looking for anything new, when I came across this:

Here Runs the Bride.....All Dressed in White!

Introducing our new all white running skirts. Are you running to the alter [sic] in the near future? We've got you covered in our new running bride trousseau! Check out the new "Running Bride" running skirt, one of our new Specialty Skirts, the perfect "gown" for your marathon wedding.

We've combined our high performance fabrics and two pocket design into a beautiful all white running skirt. We've even designed a special mesh performance white "Veil" to complete the ensemble.

OK, so far it seems rather amusing. I mean, what kind of geek runs to her wedding? I would laugh my ass off. But then you get to the end and the drop-down menu from which you can choose a size for this skirt looks like this:


Does anyone else find it disturbing that the default size you can order for the "Running Bride" running skirt is teen 12-16?! I think I last wore that size when I was... umm... 16.


innkeeper said...

What I find even more disturbing is the duplicity of sizes. Why is it labeled Size 5 and then in parentheses (wms 14)? As if someone would have to translate that from, say, a boys' size 8? Eh? Of course, I get it. It's supposed to make me feel good. "Oh, look, I don't really wear a size 14. Now I wear a size 5! Isn't that great?"

Mayne said...

Snoot is a power walker; size 6, not sure what that makes her in other sizes. Anyhoo.. this looks like something she would be interested in.

My 'complaint' would be found here;

Is that a man, pushing that pram?

Why would a women be out running at 40 weeks? And, they really should be able to come up with a different word than 'belly,' don't you think?

complain away said...

Innkeeper, I find there was a major shift in North American sizing a number of years back, I think about the time when it became clear a massive obesity epidemic was brewing. Sizes I used to wear now only fit me in foreign countries.

Because that's the right way to handle an epidemic: don't try to deal with the root cause and put an end to it, just help people pretend that everything's OK. Grrr.

And Emory, perhaps you've never been addicted to anything in your life, although I find that hard to believe (maybe even just the Obama campaign?). Not running when you're used to it is very hard to take. I've been out for run with a broken arm, a concussion, a ridiculously high fever, and even in a pair of sandals when I forgot to bring running shoes. The last instance hurt the most - and for days.

I vote that you buy Snoot a skirt - but not the bridal one!

Anonymous said...

haha - the "running bride" running skirt was designed for the women who ran the las vegas marathon last year and either got married or renewed their vows as they ran through the wedding chapel along the course - you can read some of the stories here

complain away said...

Hmmm... thanks, but that still doesn't make the teen sized bridal skirts go down any easier for me.