Thursday, December 13, 2007

yes, her again

Another convo with the colleague who sits next to me. This happened one day last week when someone had tickets to the game for her. The two of them were trying to figure out a way to get the tickets from one person to the other. Since my building's in a central location, the person with the tickets left them in my colleague's name at my front desk.

Well, my building's at a major intersection, and apparently the colleague can't figure out directions because she called me three times for advice on where to go next. That's a bit frightening, but, more importantly, here is the conversation the morning after the ticket pick-up:

Colleague: So your building's really nice, huh? I mean, I only saw the lobby, but it's great.

Me: Yeah, I guess so.

Colleague: And it's such an awesome location. You must love that. I'll bet you don't drive anywhere but work.

Me: Sure. It's just that I've just been there for a such a long time. I've been talking about moving for a while, but I can't find a place I like better to move to.

Colleague: Move?! But why would you? That doesn't make any sense.

Me: Well, I'm bored of the place and I think it's time to move on.

Colleague: I think you should stay there until you get married. Then you can move into a house somewhere.

Me [laughing]: Ummm... that won't be happening any time soon.

Colleague: But how do you know that? It might happen sooner than you think. [Pondering] You know, I could make some calls for you.

Me [heart beating in my head, sweat pouring out of all pores]: Make calls for me?! Oh no, that's OK. No, thanks. Really.



Jon said...

You know how everyone has the crazy single friend or two? And it seems like all your other friends are paired off? Then, when you meet a nice normal single person, you don't have anyone to set them up with.

Maybe the trick is to find the crazy people who are the friends of normal people who can't set them up. Then, the crazies can set you up with their normal friends!

Emory said...

I guess I am just an ol fashioned type.

You meet, your legs get weak, you go home and throw up for a week. You are as nervous as a long tailed cat in room full of rocking chairs. You lose weight, can't sleep, and start doing the dumbest things!

Then you get married and live happily ever after.

All this set-up / dating jazz is tinsel. I guess I am one of the lucky ones; knew for the age of five who she was, what she looked like but just didn't know where she was.

Turns out she was playing with dolls in an Appalachian Valley, and I, climbing Castle walls in Hillsborough NI. Four thousand miles, and an ocean between us, but there she was.

Dangling of an filament of a thousand decisions of others; any one of which would have changed our lives I suppose. Yet, there she was. Big brown eyes, a smile, and 'Hi' ....

It is what it is, and we each have a one. No point looking, no point setting yourself up. You know, and they know. You just don't know when, and don't know where; those are just details that confuse everything.

Wrote this dribble last year. Never did finish it. Sorry, I am an Aries.

complain away said...

@jon: In theory, I like your funny logic, but in my experience, this is what's more likely to happen:

A. She is single and fun.

B. I have another friend who is single and fun.

If A and B are true then C. They both should be with someone! Why not each other?

The problem is that "single and fun" isn't enough common ground, and "fun" isn't qualified with "sane."

I am seriously terrified of who this chick would find for me.

@M. Mayne: I wish I believed in your fairy tale, but I've been burned too much in the game of love. In my experience, the people you fall for in this fashion don't lead to happily ever after, but instead to love/hate passion and insanity. The love of my life is an incredible man who I am completely incapable of living with. (Actually, I'm not sure anyone could live with him, but that's a story for another day.)

Emory said...

Now, now Rainybow;

"Especially, do not feign affection.

Neither be cynical about love, for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is perennial as the grass."