Tuesday, December 4, 2007

a sure sign your day's gonna suck

I (stupidly) decided to turn up the hot water in the shower this morning. With shampoo on my head and running down my face, I couldn't really see, but I reached down and turned the faucet.

The hot water thingamajiggie came off in my hand.

Water everywhere. Hot water. It took much time and cunning to get it off, or at least sort of off. (Yes, I tried the main water switch but I couldn't budge the thing. Brute force is not exactly one of my attributes.) I'm glad nobody--especially small children--was here to see and hear me as it wasn't my finest moment.

I love home ownership. Now I'm waiting for the plumber...


RainyBow update (mid afternoon): I live next to a major hotel that's always teeming with activity. Today, staring out of my window in a moment of work boredom, I saw a procession of limos (20+) parking outside. Curious, I popped down to see what was going on. On my way back up (sadly, without even a tidbit of exciting information), a guy in the elevator with me hit the button for his floor, then spilled coffee all the way down the elevator buttons. This seemed to shortcircuit something and the elevator stopped. Not one of the buttons worked. Thankfully, we were able to get the concierge to restart the elevator manually.

Ridiculous day. Seriously. I'm afraid to go to my planned dinner out tonight.


Emory said...


So how accurate was your Horror Scope!

Complaint Department Manager said...

Man, I thought I was having a shitty month.